Friday Favourites

Coming to you from sweltering Melbourne, I present my Friday Favourites. Enjoy!

Favourite Video:

I got teary eyed watching this TED talk. Watch for yourself, and I promise that you will be inspired by the courage and strength of this wonderful woman.

Favourite Product:

Unlike pretty much every single Paw Paw ointment on the market, Little Bird Organic Paw Paw Balm is free of petrochemicals (y’know, the stuff Vaseline is made from). It has pretty much exactly the same consistency as that little red tube that I’m sure everyone in Australia has stored in their handbag, but it has been made specifically for lips. I scored mine from Coles whilst in Melbourne, so I’m hoping they sell it in Sydney too!

Favourite Outfit:

Emma Lucey of Spin Dizzy Fall. This outfit pretty much sums up summer for me. The combination of the boots with this airy floral printed dress is just lovely.

Favourite Cafe/Restaurant:

Kinfolk Cafe in Melbourne is run entirely by volunteers. Yes, you read right; volunteers. 100% of the profit made from their delicious beverages (my soy latte was incredible) and delightful food (their granola is FREAKING amazing. Seriously. I had a dream about it last night. I’m not kidding) is donated/redistributed to four development projects that are each unique and significant in their own way. Pat and I are already planning our next visit before we leave Melbourne on Monday evening!
Photos courtesy of Breakfast Out.

Pat and I have been trying to keep cool during this crazy Melbourne weather, and we finally get to head out to Melbourne Park for the Australian Open tennis tomorrow! Lots of outfit posts + an everyday makeup tutorial will be on their way soon.

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