Friday Favourites

Once in a while, I think it’s healthy to take a break from doing what you love. I, for example, took a break from taking dance classes this year. I went to my dance school’s end of year concert last Friday evening, and I realised how much I miss taking class. Taking a break really gives you the time you need to appreciate what you have. Like I said the other week, I don’t want my blog to feel like a chore, which is exactly why my posts have been few and far between in these past few weeks. I want to be able to get excited about sharing new and fresh content with you all, and I’m definitely starting to get more and more excited as Christmas gets closer (less than a week away, eep!). With all of that said, taking a mini break from posting has given me some fresh perspective, and time to give the page a face lift. I really love my new logo, especially with the Christmas decorations! Alright, enough about me being all sappy and nostalgic. The point is, I’m back today with my Friday Favourites. Outfit posts will be coming your way again reeaaallly soon.

Song of the week:

Here Comes the Night Time – Arcade Fire.

The video clip contains lots of enjoyable celebrity cameos, including Bono and Michael Cera, and is well worth a watch. I’m going to their concert next month, and I absolutely cannot wait!

Product of the week:

Invisible Zinc.


Sun protection has come a long way over the years. I’ve recently made the switch from chemical sunscreen (the stuff you’re most likely using at the moment), to physical sunscreen, after reading an eye-opening blog post written by the lovely and hilarious Zoë Foster Blake. I’m currently using this product. This one, too. Do your research, kids!

Muse of the week:

Signe from Signeroo is just wonderful. She and her husband lost their beautiful puppy Gertie this week to pancreatitis, which was heartbreaking. She wrote the most beautiful post in remembrance (which would have absolutely wrecked me if I were in her position), and yet, she was still able to write up an awesome outfit post for the next day. That, is what I call dedication. Signe, I have so much admiration for you!