Holiday Snapshots

I hope your Christmas break was as fabulous as mine was. Though it went by far too quickly, I couldn’t possibly picture a better way to spend my time. These photos were snapped on my iPhone/my Dad’s iPhone over the break. The quality of some of them isn’t great (let’s blame Dad for that), but the cuteness and hilarity of them makes up for it, in my completely unbiased opinion. Enjoy!

1. A not-so-sneaky selfie in the car on our way to Woonona, as I was very pleased with my improvised Christmas Eve hairstyle. Tutorial to come soon!
2. Tahnee’s delicious and creative reindeer cupcake creation.
3. Our failed attempt at showing off our tacky Christmas earrings.

4. My name was drawn out of a hat to be “Santa’s helper” for family present exchange, and this was my costume – our hosts asked each guest to bring along an extra item of clothing, not knowing what it would be used for. What fun!
5. The traditional sing-along that takes place every year. Pictured are my Uncle Paul, my Mum Sue, my brother Peter, and my cousin/Godmother Kathy, most likely belting out a Beatles classic.
6. My Secret Santa present. Self explanatory, really. *Swoon*

7. Pat and I being festive and loved up. It’s okay, you’re allowed to roll your eyes.
8. Left to right – my cousin Bridie, my brother Peter, me, my cousin Jessica, and my brother Adam.
9. The dessert table. Enough to feed an army!

10. My brother Patrick, who manages to fall asleep at every family event he attends. Seriously. Every time.
11. Christmas morning spent in Mum & Dad’s new caravan. I insisted we all squeeze inside for our gift exchange. The thing in the bottom left hand corner is a miniature Christmas tree, which I also insisted on. What can I say? I’m a sentimentalist!
12. Aunt Caroline and Uncle Pat’s Aussie Christmas tree at their wonderful home in Stanwell Park. Stunning!

13. Patrick asleep again, at a different family event, joined by Adam. Please tell me that there are other families out there who like to nap on Christmas Day? Two words; food coma.
14. My lovely lady cousins from Dad’s side of the family. We actually did manage to find the right camera (this would make more sense if you were to jump over to my Instagram feed). Great success! Left to right: my sister Nicole, my cousin Carina, me, my cousin Elise, and my cousin Siobhan.
15. Pat enjoying one of his new Christmas presents, the Humans of New York book (I’m waiting for my “Best Girlfriend” award to arrive in the post). We spent the rest of Christmas night flipping through it together, which was really lovely.
16. My new friends for the week, Lizzie and Jane. I’ve been house sitting for family friends since Christmas Day, and these two have been keeping me company (in exchange for food and water. It’s only fair, really).

Happy New Year!

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