Lazy Sunday

This outfit was formed by throwing a few random pieces of clothing together and into an over night bag, with no proper thought or planning. I didn’t really have any intention of photographing the outfit until I put it on the next day and discovered that it actually looked decent. Sometimes, the things that take the least amount of effort are the ones that end up working out in the best way.
I have been going through my giant drawer of accessories lately. There is something magical to me about rediscovering forgotten pieces of jewellery. I am all for mixing the old with the new – especially since I’m a working girl on a budget. I have to be extremely wise with my spending these days!

I had my eyes tested recently, for the first time since I was in primary school. It turns out I need a slight prescription for my long distance vision and for certain concentrated tasks. Needless to say, I wanted to get some funky frames for my first pair. I bought these Ray Bans online from Vision Direct. It was very scary at the time as I couldn’t try them on, but because of the amazing price I decided to take the risk. I was very unsure about them at first, but I’ve really grown to like them. It helps when you have friends that are extremely reassuring, too! That risk certainly paid off. Let’s just hope that I don’t get bored with them too quickly, which is a problem that I seem to have with my hair. It constantly changes colour and style, because I can never pick something and commit to it. It’s an expensive problem. I guess I just like to keep things interesting!

These A&F jeans are definitely on my list of favourite things. I brought them home with me from America, and I have gotten so much wear out of them. They’re the perfect transition jean, and super comfortable! I actually have room to move around in them, compared to some of the other pairs of jeans I own, and I think that they were worth every penny. I kept my accessories really simple for this outfit (mostly because I hardly did any planning), but I’m really happy with the way it turned out. I absolutely adore my leather Pandora bracelet and it’s ability to go nicely with pretty much anything I wear. Self expression is a very important thing, so I love that I can add my own personal touches to it.

Pat looked quite trendy on this day, but wouldn’t let me snap a proper photo of him. What a party pooper! We’re heading to Auckland together on Wednesday for a short five day holiday, so I’m starting to get really excited. I’m just hoping that the weather plays out in our favour. Keep your fingers crossed for us! See you soon.

“LOVE” Necklace – Lovisa (gift)
“Emily” Necklace – Goldmark (gift)
Purple Blouse – Dotti (old)
Cardigan – Forever 21 (similar)
Jeans – Abercrombie and Fitch (similar)
Sandals – Forever 21
Glasses – Ray Ban, via Vision Direct

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  • lisa

    the glasses look great on you!
    I’ve been wearing prescriptions all my life and doing a lot of outdoor stuff am thinking of getting them lasered!


    • emilyschnickle

      Thanks so much! I’m surprised it has taken this long for me to get them, both of my parents are as blind as bats! Haha x.