New Zealand, Part Two: Waitomo Caves

For our second day of touring the North Island of New Zealand, Pat and I went for another long but beautiful drive south of Auckland. Our destination? The Waitomo Glowworm Caves. These caves are famous internationally, drawing in people from all over the world. They are quite different to your average limestone cave, in that they have a river running underneath them. This is what allows the glowworms to inhabit the cave, and make such beautiful light inside. The name “Waitomo” comes from the Maori words “wai”, meaning water, and “tomo” meaning hole or shaft. The caves were discovered in 1887 by the local Maori chief who floated by raft down the river and into the caves, guided only by candlelight.

Our tour began with a short walk through the upper part of the cave, where we were shown some beautiful formations and very large caverns. Unfortunately, photography inside the caves was prohibited (which makes sense, because you wouldn’t be able to see the little lights in your photos if you used a flash!), so it’s just one of those things you have to see with your own eyes to believe. We were taken by boat down the river through the lower cavern of the cave, where our only guide was the amazing light made by thousands and thousands of glowworms on the roof. It was beautiful, and I’m really glad we made the trip out to see such a historical place.

Due to the no photography rule, I don’t have any pictures to share from this day other than outfit photos. I tried to take a sneaky iPhone photo with no flash, but it was a miserable failure! Once again, I kept my outfit nice and simple. My favourite khaki jacket made another appearance, as did my Dr Martens. They’re just too comfy to pass up! I’m also decked out in American Apparel, with my black high waisted disco pants, and another oversized blouse in a different print/colour to what I wore here. If you don’t already own a pair of Disco Pants, I advise you to get your hands on a pair, ASAP! They are made of a very thick and shiny lycra, the quality of their make is amazing, and they are extra flattering if you have a big booty like I do! Comfort goes a very long way when you’re going between traveling in a small car for extended periods of time, and walking around an unfamiliar area, off the beaten track.

I have another post planned for tomorrow, featuring pictures taken in gorgeous Picton Street in Auckland, where we were lucky enough to stay for the duration of our trip. See you soon!

Jacket – H&M
Bag – Colette Hayman (old)
Boots – Dr Marten (featured here)
Blouse – American Apparel
Pants – American Apparel

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