Saving Your Manicure

It’s Friday night. You’re about to hit the town with your girlfriends, and you’re in the process of getting ready, when you notice a chip on your picture perfect manicure. It’s time to find a quick fix to keep you looking polished (see what I did there?) and at your very best!

If my manicure chips before I’m ready to part with it, or at an inconvenient time, I see it as an opportunity to get creative. Here are some tips to help you salvage your manicure, and keep it looking fresh for as long as possible!

Colour Blocking
Don’t be afraid to use a different coloured polish over the top of your current colour. Think geometric shapes, and make good use of sticky tape. You always have the option to “free hand” too, if you’re game enough! Buff down the chipped nail to keep the new coat looking smooth, with no bumps.

Go crazy with different shades of glitter. One coat over your chipped nails will make them a feature of your manicure, and will change up the look completely!

A Third Coat
Sometimes, you just don’t have time to be creative. When this is the case for me, I tend to grab the same polish that I used for my original manicure, push back the cuticle, buff and file the nail until smooth, and then apply a third coat of polish over the whole nail. Go ahead and apply a top coat, if you have time!

Just remember, if your experimenting doesn’t work to your advantage (this has happened to me on many occasions), grab your nail polish remover and go out with bare nails. Treat it as a practice for next time! Try to be okay with making mistakes, because I can promise you that you’ll get better at this kind of thing as time goes on.

Don’t forget your cuticle oil! I’ll see you all really soon for an outfit post. Thanks for reading!

PS. My mani from last week lasted me a whole seven days until I noticed the first signs of fading/chipping. You can see the tutorial again, here!

Essie Polish in “Set In Stones
Essie Polish in “Bikini So Teeny
Essie Polish in “Play Date

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