Another Saturday

All hail the “top button done up with cute necklace” combination! I am still so in love with my American Apparel “one size fits all” blouses, which I purchased on my trip to America over a year ago. They are beautiful and flowy, can be casual or formal, and that versatility is what makes them

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Hello 2014!

Well, here goes. My very first outfit post of 2014! These photos may or may not have been taken last year, but you aren’t going to hold that against me, are you? Of course you aren’t, you beautiful person, you. I wore this outfit to my beautiful friend Catherine’s hen night in December. I had

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Working 9-5

I really enjoy the challenge of creating a completely new outfit from pieces that I already own. This was a last minute creation, but I am very pleased with the way it turned out. I had no intention of photographing it, but my gorgeous mother made a cute comment in passing to me while I

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