Working 9-5

I really enjoy the challenge of creating a completely new outfit from pieces that I already own. This was a last minute creation, but I am very pleased with the way it turned out. I had no intention of photographing it, but my gorgeous mother made a cute comment in passing to me while I was walking out the front door… “That outfit would be perfect to put up on your blog! I love the way you’ve married everything in together! It’s just so clever.” I love that I can always count on my mum for reassurance, even when I don’t ask for it.

This is another one of the many over sized American Apparel blouses that I own. I love that I am able to find a way to incorporate them into almost any outfit, whether I’m trying to dress up, look more casual, or be work appropriate. They are so versatile, and I am all about versatility when it comes to clothing. I have worn this lacy number from H&M in a previous post, but it looks completely different here thanks to the floral printed blouse, which I love.

I asked Pat to snap these pictures for me when I got home from work last Thursday (which explains my crazy hair), just before we went and had a hit of tennis. I’m really loving this warm spring weather! Outdoor sport is so much more enjoyable at this time of year; not too hot, not too cold!

I’ll see you all tomorrow, when I’ll be sharing my famous Red Velvet cupcake recipe. Get excited! They’re seriously delicious.

Dress – H&M (old)
Blouse – American Apparel
Shoes – Target
Belt – Forever 21

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